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Mandatory Mexican Auto Insurance

Published Date: Jun 08, 2021

Mandatory Mexican Auto Insurance

Discover which auto insurance companies operate in Mexico.

This is already a fact in Mexico. On the one hand, beginning January 1, 2019, auto insurance became mandatory on federal roads in Mexico according to the decree published by the Official Journal of the Nation for any type of vehicle. You should know and keep in mind that these federal roads cross throughout the country and enter cities where their main avenues are a continuation of these federal highways. And on the other hand, the fact that more than half of the states of the country have made it mandatory to carry auto insurance while driving in any of their streets:


States with compulsory auto insurance in Mexico


1.       Baja California

9.   Nuevo León

2.       Chihuahua

10.   San Luis Potosí

3.       Coahuila

11.   Sinaloa

4.       Colima

12.   Tabasco

5.       Mexico City

13.   Tamaulipas

6.       State of Mexico

14.   Queretaro

7.       Jalisco

15.   Veracruz

8.       Nayarit

16. Yucatán

The fines for not having this auto insurance in Mexico range from $500.00 to $4,500.00 pesos (US$25 to US$220.00) depending on the state. It does not sound very high, but the risk of harming another person can be catastrophic for both the driver, and the victim. Having this insurance is always the best option.

Although the minimum limits on Mexican auto liability coverage that are required for federal highways are:

·         Bodily injury                     $100,000.00 pesos (US$5,000.00)

·         Property Damage           $ 50,000.00 pesos (US$2,500.00)            

It is important to mention that compensation for accidental death in each state ranges from $380,000.00 pesos to $3,700,000.00 pesos (US$19,000 to US$185,000) per person, and in some states, such as Sonora, there is no set limit, the compensation amount will be determined by the judge.

The recommendation is to have a minimum limit of $4,000,000.00 pesos (US$200,000.00) for Third Party Liability coverage in your auto insurance in Mexico for any part of the national territory.


Auto Insurers in Mexico

As today there are thirty-three insurers that offer auto insurance in Mexico. In order of premium volumes, from highest to lowest, they are as follows:

1.       Quálitas

17.       El Águila

2.       G.N.P.

18.       Primero Seguros

3.       Chubb Seguros Mexico

19.       AIG Seguros

4.       AXA Insurance

20.       Cardif Seguros Generales

5.       HDI Insurance

21.       Azteca Seguros de Daños

6.       Banorte

22.       La Latinoamericana

7.       BBVA Seguros

23.       Ve por Más

8.       Inbursa

24.       Patrominial Daños

9.       Mapfre Mexico

25.       Allianz Mexico

10.   Atlas

26.   Crabi

11.   Affirm

27.   Tokyo Marine

12.   ANA

28.   Citibanamex Insurance

13.   Zurich Daños

29.   Patrimonial Inbursa

14.   General de Seguros

30.   Assurant Daños

15.   El Potosi

31.   Virginia Surety

16.   SURA Seguros

32.   Sompo Japan


33.   Zurich Santander


Insurers that provide Tourist Auto Policies (Mexican Auto Insurance) for foreign plated vehicles in Mexico are:

1.       Chubb Seguros México

10.   The Potosí

2.       Quálitas

11.   General Insurance

3.       G.N.P.

12.   Atlas

4.       HDI Insurance

13.   Zurich Damages

5.       ANA

14.   Inbursa

6.       AIG Insurance

15.   Sura Insurance

7.       Mapfre Mexico

16.   Insurance First

8.       AXA insurance

17.Tokyo Navy

9.       The Eagle



All these insurers have adjusters who come to the scene of the accident, and work with a network of vehicle repair shops throughout the country.


How do you know which is the best of them all?

The CONDUSEF (National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services) issues a report with their evaluation of these companies. Here you can see the latest. But this varies by entity. There are states where insurers provide better service by having more dedicated staff to their work, both office employees, adjusters, and workshops. We at Novamar insurance México will best advise you on who to insure you with depending on where you reside. 

It is VERY important that you place your auto insurance coverage through a broker like Novamar.  Novamar has bilingual licensed insurance agents and service staff located in Mexico to assist.   


Sources: Official Journal of the Federation,  Statistics, CONDUSEF, CDMX traffic infractions.




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