beware dengue fever

Beware: Dengue Fever

Sep 22, 2015

This article provides comprehensive information regarding the Dengue Fever Virus & Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF). It outlines prevention, symptoms and warning signs,treatment, etc. of Dengue. If you are an expat living abroad, or planing a trip to a foreign country,especially exotic tropical locations, it is best to be informed.


How Do You Prevent Chikungunya?

Sep 29, 2015

This article contains up-to-date Chikungunya updates issued from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and will likely be updated more in the future. Besides the updates, this article contains comprehensive information regarding all aspects of Chikungunya, so that people living in and traveling to endemic areas can stay informed.


Nopal Traditional Food In The Mexican Diet.

May 07, 2019

Mexico is the main producer and consumer of Nopal (Opuntia ficus-indica) worldwide. Learn about the benefits of a diet that includes Nopal!

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

May 21, 2019

The great hospitality and quality of services makes Mexico be considered one of the most important medical tourism destinations in the world. It counts with major specialties such as; gastroenterology, plastic surgery, cardiology, gynecology and more. Allowing you travel and receive your treatments with tranquility and prevention.


Cocoa And Its Benifits

Jun 04, 2019

Before understanding the benefits that cocoa provides it’s important to know some-thing about this amazing fruit and where it originated.


Meet The Best Drink To Stay Hydrated This Summer.

Jul 09, 2019

Do you know the great benefit that Coconut Water brings and counts it as the best hydrating drink? Now that you are informed.


How To Cope Andropause And Menopause In Mexico.

Jul 16, 2019

Developing a lifelong healthy lifestyle by balancing exercise and diet before and during menopause or andropause provides a strong base for having the least complications during these and later stages in life.

Mexican Food

Food Most Consumed In Mexican Nutrition.

Aug 12, 2019

Let us talk a little about the most ingested food products in Mexico and learn some of the benefits that these bring to our body.


Mandarin A Great Tasting Seasonal Fruit In Mexico With Health Benefits

Nov 26, 2019

The mandarin in considered the most abundant citrus fruit in Mexico and the most popular in the winter season. This fruit is characterized by its high level of Vitamin C and contains large amounts of other beneficial properties for our health and its use in cosmetics.

Ponche Navideño

Christmas Punch.

Dec 12, 2019

Mexico is full of traditions and flavors. When winter arrives, Mexican cuisine is prepared with rich and delicious Christmas fruit punch. This drink is traditional during Christmas holidays as its preparation consists of using seasonal fruits full of nutrients.