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Mexican Auto Insurance for tourist

  • Premiums up to 35% lower
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  • FULL, STANDARD and LIABILITY coverage options available
  • Fluent English & Spanish speaking staff
  • In house claims assistance department
  • We are actually located in Mexico for localized assistance
  • Cars, Trucks, Vans, RV's and Motorcycles
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US/CANADIANS Driving Mexican Autos - Great News!

Do you need Mexican auto insurance for tourists?
We offer Mexican auto insurance for Mexico residents as well as Mexican Auto insurance for Mexico tourists' cars. This page describes our Auto insurance for Mexico tourist vehicles.

Do I Need Mexico Auto Insurance?

If you will be driving an Auto in Mexico with foreign license plates, you need to know that the vehicle insurance coverage you rely on a daily basis at home does not protect you once you cross the international border. As the US State Department advises on its web site:

U.S. automobile liability insurance is not valid in Mexico, nor is most collision and comprehensive coverage issued by U.S. companies. Motor vehicle insurance is considered invalid in Mexico if the driver is found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Some US and Canadian auto insurance policies may state that they extend collision coverage for your vehicle on infrequent, short distance trips into Mexico, as on trips under 25 miles from the border. But in the event of injury to others or damage to another person's property, please know that Mexican authorities do not recognize auto insurance policies from companies located outside Mexico. Therefore, you must purchase temporary Mexican auto insurance.

Mexico requires Mexican vehicle liability insurance from a Mexico-domiciled insurance provider.

Novamar Insurance Mexico can provide Mexican liability insurance for your auto, van, RV, truck or motorcycle registered outside Mexico. Except for motorhomes or RVs, our policies give you more than liability coverage!

Mexico Auto Insurance Tourist Policy Features

Policy features for personal-use vehicles registered outside Mexico, while traveling in Mexico:
Note: for motorhomes and RV's, only liability coverage is available

  • Collision and upset/material damage
  • Total loss
  • Third party liability
  • Medical coverage per passenger
  • Legal assistance
  • Roadside assistance
  • Theft

When you obtain your quote or your policy for vehicle liability coverage, you may be asked to supply the value of your vehicle. In advance of getting your quote, it may be handy for you to get an estimate of its value online. Please refer to for your official estimate of value. Another piece of information you will need may require a trip out to check your vehicle. You will need your vehicle identification number (VIN). The easiest place to find this information is on the vehicle itself, but it can also be found on your vehicle's registration document. You will not regret later a few minutes spent now checking that the number on your registration matches the number on the vehicle.

Limitations and Restrictions

Our Mexican auto insurance for tourists is available throughout Mexico, subject to these limitations:

  • Only for Canadian or US registered personal-use vehicles
  • Coverage is valid only for citizens or residents of Canada or USA
  • Driver must have a valid driver's license
  • Coverage effective only within Mexico

Need Help in Baja?

From your cell phone, dial 078 to reach an English-speaking Mexican travel official.

Underwritten by:
Qualitas Seguros

Insurance Policies in English and Spanish

Have peace of mind with our quality coverage and a policy in English.

Vehicles in Mexico Quality Coverage has Arrived!

Policies underwritten by:

  • Qualitas, S.A. de C.V
  • ANA Seguros

Challenges of Driving in Mexico

Due to a number of factors, driving in Mexico can be more challenging than driving elsewhere. Learn to expect the unexpected. You might find someone riding a burro in the middle of the road around that bend, or a herd of goats, or a cow resting in the shade. These things are part of life in Mexico, so anticipate them.

Beware the Missing Sign!
Here are some complications related to street signs and highway signs. On highways, you may see only last-minute notice of upcoming exits. Sometimes the only sign is found at the exit itself. In some cities, street signs may be tiles mounted on building corners these are difficult to see, especially at night.

Also complicating night visibility, street signs may not be illuminated, or they may not be painted with reflective paint. Street numbers are sometimes assigned in the order houses have been built; numbers are not always in consecutive order as you travel down a street. Also, watch out for broken or missing stop signs. Your clue might be a stop sign on the opposite side of the intersection.

Don't Go To Jail
Be advised that if you drive without Mexico vehicle liability coverage, should you have an accident in Mexico, that omission is likely to land you in jail whether you were at fault or not.

Temporary Import Permits
In addition to your Mexico liability insurance, you will need a temporary import permit if you will travel beyond Mexico's border zones, apart from Baja California. You are now free to drive the Baja Peninsula without a temporary import permit for your Auto.

A less expensive Sonora-only permit allows you to drive to Rocky Point in mainland Mexico. To drive in the rest of Mexico, you need the standard temporary import permit. You can get this online, pay by credit card, and receive it via courier up to sixty days before you enter Mexico.

If you're driving beyond border zones into mainland Mexico, get a temporary import permit for Mexico for your vehicle.

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Novamar Insurance México