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Novamar Insurance México

Community Love


We all expect great prices for our insurance needs, and quality service on our policies.

Since we started working together, I received a first-class service with personalized attention always with professionalism. They are continually looking for the best alternatives to our Mexican Insurance policies to ensure that we have enough coverage for a quick and efficient solution to claims that may arise

I highly recommend this company and its dedicated employees to any and every Canadian or American seeking insurance.

For the first time in my forty years of driving, I got into a minor accident with a toll gate, and Novamar went way beyond what other companies would do for their customers in an accident case, getting my case settled extremely competently, so that I could continue on my trip to Canada.

When purchasing insurance, one wants the peace of mind that your agents are responsive and available at all times.

We are continually impressed by the communication and timeliness of the staff at Novamar. Their ability to proactively customize our policy to best achieve our goals, in addition to the overall customer service, has made them an absolute pleasure to deal with. I recommend them highly without hesitation to anyone looking for Marine Insurance.

Thank you Novamar for your tremendous service.

I wanted to thank you for recommending the Plan Seguro with International coverage. I recently had an incident with a sting ray bite while in San Diego and sought medical attention. I turned in the expenses and in less than 90 days I received a check minus my deductible. I was pleasantly surprised that the Mexican Health Insurance Coverage worked while state side. I have also used it several times for routine checkups and it has been great.

We have been doing business with Novamar Insurance Mexico for over 15 years. We have purchased Mexican Boat Insurance, Mexican Auto Insurance, Fine Arts and Mexican Condo Insurance.

Novamar represents the utmost desirable features of an Insurance Broker/Agent

They are professional, responsive, informed and leaders in promoting a range of services while also bringing new aspects of coverage to insured clientele. Recently I have been involved to discuss, consider, and plan aspects of insurance policy coverage, premiums and deductibles to ensure low risk, cost effective coverage. Novamar has gone beyond what I would have anticipated as a standard/customary focus for the needs of Nima Bay Owners. Thank you to all the staff and professionals at Novamar.

Our Homeowners Association has been working with Novamar for two years Now after referrals from many different directions.

Our agent has been very professional and responsive, and that is no small chore as he has had to field a barrage of questions from us as we’ve been learning how insurance works in Mexico and trying to ensure our building and association have the proper coverage.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your due diligence and timely responses to me during my car repair. Though we did run into some delays, which were beyond your responsibility, you efficiently and effectively handled each of my request. So once again, thank you for your impeccable service.

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Novamar Insurance México